Moscato d’Asti “Marianin”

Moscato d’Asti was once produced almost exclusively by local peasants who used their unsold grapes to produce a limited number of demijohns of special occasion wine for personal consumption. This wine eventually conquered the tastes of consumers as well thanks to the efforts of a few producers . Slightly sparkling sweet but not too with the inimitable easily recognizable perfume of the grape itself Moscato d’Asti represents one of the most characteristic products pf Piedmont viticulture and has reached extraordinary levels of quality thanks to the spread of modern enological technology in particular the cold tank method which keeps the aromas and flavour of the fruit intact while at the same time stabilizes the wine so that it can be cellared or transported without losing its qualities.

After careful selection in the vineyards our grapes are crushed immediately after harvesting so that their aromatic qualities will not be lost. A refreshing glass of “ MARIANIN Moscato pairs well and can enhance a variety of dishes from appetizers to dessert . Serve at 10°

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