Dolcetto d'Alba “La Ru”

These hills are the home of Dolcetto that, along with Moscato and Barbera, is the Piedmontese wine of choice for everyday consumption, so familiar that for centuries it rarely  appeared  in other regions except on particular occasions.

Expert opinions regarding the history of  this grape think that it may have survived from late-medieval times, the product of a vine germinated from seeds in the Upper Langhe which  then spread throughout the entire region.

The name Dolcetto causes many to expect a sweet wine: the grape is in fact very sweet, but the wine itself is dry and, with a  strong fruitiness that gives it splendid violet tones and a slightly tannic aftertaste. A good food wine, Dolcetto is generally meant to be drunk young, in the first year following the harvest, but not necessarily. Grapes from a good cru, used to make our Dolcetto d'Alba “La RU”, produce a wine with notable structure and personality which can successfully age for two or three years.Best served at 18° in large goblet

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